Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Time's lameness

It is difficult to express just how lame Time's Person of the Year concept is. A little Mylar mirror on the cover because the Person of the year is You-You-You, who are remaking the world through the Internet. I guess I'm supposed to be flattered because I not only blog here but I blog at and write for the online site Let's face it, however. I'm a bit of a late-adopter; I probably should have been blogging several years ago. But if I'm a late adopter Time is clueless. Plus they feature not people who are doing significant things on the Web but people who are doing trivial or silly things. Nothing wrong with trivial or silly, of course. But it's not often a harbinger of greatness.

You'd think American culture was narcissistic enough already without this encouragement.

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Steve Bock said...

Something else that I found ironic.
Chrysler tells us that "we might not be person of the year"...Good to know that Time thought out this year's person of the year enough to inform the advertiser paying for it on their website. Best of all, this has been on the news and still hasn't been changed.